Diabetes Society of Maldives (DSM) was established on 26th April 2000 and became a member of International Diabetes Federation in 2002, with the aim of creating awareness among the public on diabetes and to emphasize on the importance of prevention of diabetes and to help patients lead a normal life with their illness.

DSM clinic (a free clinic established in 2004) provides routine services to the registered patients (blood sugar monitoring, consultation, Diabetes Education, Foot screening, Screen for Diabetic complications, and referral to specialist consultations, Directing exercise and counseling classes)

DSM acts as a centre of information on diabetes by educating the community through screening programs, presentations and health Education. In addition, DSM works to improve diabetes care throughout the country. DSM also initiated Save a Diabetic Child Project in 2008 and continues providing insulin and testing kits for children and youth living with type 1 diabetes under this project to date.


Office: (+960) 3328987

(+960) 7338052

Email: info@dsmaldives.org


H. Dhiggaamaage’
Muthee Goalhi, Male’